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The 10th: Layout design in consideration of transport
~ Let's decide a placement of facility! Determination of facility position in consideration of Transport ~

Determining the placement of facility, in other words, facility layout design, must be done taking into account various factors such as the size of the aisles and equipment.
One of the points to be considered is the effect on productivity by "transport".
In this issue, we will show you how to determine the location of the facility by looking at this transportation and seeing the effects on productivity.

The assuming production model is as follows.

Processing: carry-in [20 seconds] (entrance) --> processing [30 seconds] (processing machine)--> unloading [15 seconds] (unloading port)
* The place and equipment to use in the parentheses

Distance: The distance between the inlet and outlet is 45m, the size of processing machine is 5m in both width and depth

Transfer 1: Inlet port --> Processing machine (1 piece each), Transfer 2: Processing machine --> Outlet port (5 parts each)

Transport 1 and transport 2 shall be transported by the person in charge.
However, it is assumed that the worker in charge of transfer 2 is also responsible for the processing work on the processing machine.

Where is it possible to place the processing machine when the transfer method (the number of parts to be transported) and the loading / unloading port cannot be changed here as a prerequisite? In the absence of restrictions, it is clear that it is sufficient to arrange the processing machine so that the conveying place of the processing machine will come on the straight line connecting the inlet and outlet where should it be placed on a straight line.

1. Model creation based on the number of conveyances
It is clear that the number of times carrying 1 to transport one by one is greater than that of transport 2.
Let's first arrange so that the distance of conveyance 1 becomes short.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

From the floor plan stetting, set the cell size to 5m and define each facility and each process.
In addition, create transport points for each facility and define transport activity between transport points.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

We also set worker 2 to be in charge of processing work.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

Now we try rendering.
Here, we set the target number of products for production to 100 pieces and the number of input lot is 10 pieces.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

As you can see, the result reached the target number at 1:16:03.
Then, is this product layout the most productive one?
When you look at the animation, you can find that it is not so.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

In fact, the processing machine is stopped because the worker who is necessary for carrying out the processing is absent for transport. This becomes a bottleneck and it is predicted that productivity will be affected.

2. Change to the layout taking workers into consideration
Let's change the layout so that the worker 2 in charge of the machine work conveys the shortest. The placement of changed processing machine is as follows.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

Implement rendering in this condition and see the result.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

This time productivity has fallen compared to the previous case.
This is because the distance of transport 2 was too short, which is the result of factor "transport distance with many transport items" considered in 1. affects productivity.

3. Correction to high productivity layout
Then, what would be the most productive layout in which the processing machine located at?
Taking into consideration both the above 1 and 2, compare the simulation results while changing the position of the processing machine and select the case with the shortest time to achieve the target number of production of goods.

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

As a result of the simulations by changing the position of the processing machine in several times, it is obvious that the optimum position is just the middle point between the inlet and outlet (the place where the loading to the processing machine is carried to the point 20m from the inlet).

In this way, by repeating the simulation considering transportation at the time of layout design, it is possible to determine the location of the facility that can be judged as optimum.
Please use it by all means.

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