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Practice of GD.findi

Tech Magazine Practice of GD.findi

The 3rd: Let's make an intermediate inventory model!
~ Create an inventory quantity model ~

As a continuation of GD.findi usage technique in the last issue, this time we introduce a method to create a model to know the inventory quantity in real.

Although we introduce basic operation method to you, you can make up for the unclear parts with the basic operation manual.

(1) Create Project

Log into GD.findi and create a new project.
Enter the account information registered in the [User name] and [Password] column on the [Login] screen.
Click the [+] tab next to the tab on the upper left [Data] to display the new project creation screen.


(2) Creation Process

Right-click temporary place in the [Process Pane] and click [New Creation].
Double-click the created element work and display the screen of [detailed information] in element work.


Enter the following information on the detailed information screen to create the "Assembly Part A work."
[Product]: finished product, [Name]: Part A assembly (50 pieces / h), [Element working time]: 72*

[Element working time] refers to the work time for one part, it is guided as "1 hour for 50 parts" --> "0.02 hours = 72 seconds for 1 part" in this case.

Right-click the item part in the bottom of [Input source], click [Add], and enter the following information in the added line.
[Part ID]: part A, [Part name]: part A, [quantity]: 1


Next, in order to create "intermediate inventory," right-click the element work of "Component A assembly" which has been just created and click [Create new behind].
Drag and drop and the created element work, adjust the position, and perform the following detailed settings from double-click as before.
[Name]: Intermediate inventory, [Input source]: Select part A assembly (50 pieces / h)
[Part ID]: part A, [Part name]: part A, [Quantity]: 1


"Part B assembly", "part C assembly", and "part D assembly" are created by right-clicking the element work of "intermediate inventory" and clicking "Create new ahead."
Also, we create "finished product assembly" as a subsequent element work of "intermediate inventory."
The detailed settings are as follows.

Other columns will remain the default values.
Output destination of "parts*assembly" should be selected in the "intermediate inventory" from the pull-down and please set part ID afterwards.


The process is now as follows.

The position of element work can be adjusted by drag & drop, but it is not mandatory.


(3) Create Floor

Drag and drop the temporary place in the [Layer0] pane, and click [Creation station]. Double-click the created station to display the [Detailed information] screen of the facility (work place).


Enter the following information on the detailed information screen to create a machine (place) to perform "part A assembly" work.
[Display name]: Part A assembly machine, [Display color]: Aquamarine*

[Display color] is not mandatory.
Other values remain the default.


In order to create a machine that completes other works, perform the same operation with the following settings and create a station.


By setting the allowable quantity of the finished product assembling machine to 4, even if the element work performed before the element work of assembling finished product is completed until the number of parts in the finished product assembling machine becomes less than 4. You can make parts to be remain in such station.
The station is now as follows.

Placement of the station will affect the case where is a transport, but it does not treat transport this time.


(4) Link between process and station

By pressing the [A] key, select a process, drag and drop it to the station, and link the process to the station.
In other words, "what kind of work should be done at which place (machine)" is set up.

Link between process and station as follows.


(5) Confirmation of operation

Let's see how the finished product will be produced in this condition.
Click the [Production rendering] button to display the [Production rendering] screen.
Set the target number of "finished product" in the [Production target (required)] as 50.

We have changed the value of [Target number] in the last time so that the fluctuations of the operation situation can be clearly identified.


Right-click in the [Input Sequence] list, click [Add], and enter 1 in the [Lot Size] in the added line.


Click the [Activate reactor] button to display the [Reactor] tab.


When clicking the [Execute production rendering] button and executing the rendering, the result of production simulation is displayed.


By clicking the bottom button of the [Production Cockpit] screen or moving the slider to the right, you can see the flow of each part from the assembling machine through the intermediate inventory to the finished product assembling machine.

Here, since the capability of assembly of finished products is higher than assembly of some parts, you can find how the waiting is generated in assembling finished products, and the fluctuation has also appeared in the overall rate of operation.


(6) Resolve the waiting in assembly of finished products

In order to eliminate waiting in assembly of finished products, we will create a condition when there are parts as initial stock in the place for intermediate inventory.

Double-click on the intermediate stock area and open the [Detailed setting screen], the [Initial stock] list is displayed.

The [Initial inventory] list is determined by the linking between process and station.

Let's set [Quantity] as 40 for each row in the [Initial inventory list].
In other words, at the start of production, there are already 40 parts in each intermediate inventory place.


CIick the [Update] button to save the settings and implement rendering again.
Seeing the result of rendering, it is possible to simulate a situation where it is always in operation because there is no waiting for the finished product assembly.

On the other hand, you can also grasp that the intermediate inventory quantity increases as the assembled finished products are in operation at all times.


In this time, we introduced a method to eliminate the waiting for post-process in initial inventory of GD.findi.
However, it was confirmed that the number of intermediate inventory become increased.
Next time, we will introduce to you how to check if this number of intermediate inventory does not increase too much. Please look forward to it.
For more details regarding GD.findi, please find the webpage or contact GD.findi email address as below.

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