Manufacturing of IoT era "Simulation Integrated Manufacturing"
~Production organization collaboration by vertical integration of manufacturing business process~

Masahiro Nakamura Masahiro(Ph. D in Engineeringa)
Date and hours
March 9th,2015 (Mon)
Meguro Gajyoen 2F(Shitameguro,Meguroku,Tokyo)

We had a lecture at Nikkei BP forum "Factory 2015 Future Technologies" ~Making new flow of manufacturing~


Nikkei BP Seminar March 9th 2015Whole movie(50min 8sec.)

Nikkei BP Seminar March 9th 2015SectionⅠ~Ⅸ

Ⅰ Explanation of commentary Committee Before lecture, a commentary committee of Nikkei BP guides the highlight of this lecture.(2min 49sec.)

Ⅱ Introduction of this lecture summary After the greetings,he introduce the summary of this lecture. (2min 22sec.)

Ⅲ Explanation of our company profile After the greetings,he explains our company profile.(1min 2sec.)

Ⅳ The manufacturing of the IoT era, a problem and correspondence With a problem in the manufacturing of the IoT era including Industry 4.0, he will introduce the theme that you should pursue in future.(4min 6sec.)

Ⅴ Concept of Simulation Integrated Manufacturing "SIM" He explains a concept of "SIM" becoming the useful technique in the manufacturing of the IoT era.(15min 56sec.)

Ⅵ The core tool which realizes SIM design GD.findi We introduce the effectiveness when you apply "SIM" to product design change duties.(7min)

Ⅶ Utilization case1  GD.findi Correspondence to a product design change We introduce the utilization case of GD.cindi which is about correspondence to a product design change.(4min 13sec.)

Ⅷ Utilization case2 Correspondence to offshore production preparations. We introduce the utilization case of Correspondence to offshore production preparations.(3min 16sec.)

Ⅸ Production system simulator GX.findi We introduce a summary of second tool "GX.findi" realizing SIM design.(8min 59sec.)