Creating before making~Production system strategy of the global age

Masahiro Nakamura Masahiro(Ph. D in Engineeringa)
Date and hours
August 27th,2015 (Wed)
Meguro Gajyoen 2F(Shitameguro,Meguroku,Tokyo)

We had a lecture at Nikkei BP forum "Monozukuri forum 2014 Summer"


This lecture was placed in Nikkei manufacturing October issue and Nikkei technology ONLINE.
We have you introduce the contents that our representative, Masahiro Nakamura gave presentation in Nikkei manufacturing October issue and Nikkei technology ONLINE.

The summary is as follow.

The manufacturing of Japan developed by the improvement in the field, but it has limit to leave the field.
It is to introduce "a production model" as the concrete method.On production model, to collaborate with information of engineering chain and supply chain, and simulate the both on the production model. It is important to I detect a problem at an early stage and correspond.

For that, we suggest "GD.findi"The feature is that you can integrate all the ERP with PLM to one model, and you can simulate the best combination model.

When you plan global expansion, GD.findi shows a big effect.It is the point of that you can test the best plan with adding the constraint condition.Furthermore, you can share the operation procedure and process plan between Japan and the field, and you can simulate sha We are facing the global age, it has limit to approach "supporting by people at fields". Because the intention of the production engineer is handed down to the local corporation surely, you can enforce it in global.