Global design of the production system which cloud base simulation transforms.

Masahiro Nakamura Masahiro(Ph. D in Engineeringa)
Date and hours
March 5th,2014 (Wed)
Meguro Gajyoen 2F(Shitameguro,Meguroku,Tokyo)

We had a lecture at Nikkei BP forum "Factory2014 Future Technologies~Creating a new trends of Manufacturing~"


This lecture was placed in Nikkei Monozukuri May issue and Nikkei technology ONLINE.

We have you introduce the contents that our representative, Masahiro Nakamura gave presentation in Nikkei Monozukuri May issue and Nikkei technology ONLINE.
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The summary is as follow.

~Summary~ He warned the action for improving at fields help to support Japanese Monozukuri. Improving is rework so that it may be bottleneck in the global competition. And he emphasized that the mechanism which shared a clear intention from the design stage of the production system was necessary.

To that end, we suggest "GD.findi" as a system of the simulation.You can simulate by assigning process to a station with mouse operation.You can examine the process that even the duties person in charge is most suitable for by having made process BOM and place BOM, action BOM a one model.