A manufacturing brand of "TOTT" originated from Tottori has been launched.

Our company, LEXER RESEARCH Inc. and Hers design Inc. (CEO Tomoaki Murata) launched a consortium brand of "TOTT" which is allied between enterprises originated from the Tottori Prefecture.
This brand has been co-produced by two companies and it is also a part of the strategic industrial employment project, the so-called "Rabbit Valley Project" (RVP).
Companies have been studied product development in the project, and they have launched the "TOTT" brand together.
As a presentation of product, we had a launch event for the achievements of RVP and TOTT at Yurinsou in Tottori on March 23, 2016.
At the day, diverse visitors such as development makers of TOTT, prefectural officials, and media attended and the presentation has become a very successful event with the launch of TOTT.

The photos of the product presentation are as follows.


Products of TOTT


Visitors had a time to examine the TOTT products with an interested eye.


A variety of TOTT products

What is Rabbit valley project?(RVP)

Rabbit Valley Project (RVP) is one of the CMX projects which represents the employment strategy project led by the Commerce, Industry and Labor Department of the Tottori Prefecture.
In the past, although companies had received government subsidies for the employment in many different regions, it became nothing more than one-time employment after one-year.
However, Tottori decided to have proper countermeasures, therefore RVP is created with the aim of development system which is able to utilize core competency and the skill-up of planning and development ability.
To do so, companies can improve their development system in order to create core competence for the new employment and the skill-up of planning and development ability.
We have targeted for new employment and continuous employment rather than subsidies-dependent employment which is prone to be easily fired after the subsidy ends.

Moreover, we have also tried to create visible accomplishments as an integration of skills obtained from strengthening foundation type of project and standard-enhancement education lecture, and besides we have tested whether its practice process itself can be a lecture of planning and development capabilities under the name of RVP.

Design brand strategy of METAPHYS X TOTT

It was necessary to have a strong message to establish this project.
Even if each company has developed and sold their own products, their activities, there has been a lack of attention in these days and it was well-known that the investment and efforts are not refundable.
Therefore, with the condition that there is a mountain of issues requiring planning, design, marketing and sales, it is capable of building a mechanism handling the works in common that companies usually are reluctant to do, by establishing a consortium brand of TOTT.

The name of brand, image of design, market and promotion advertisement aim to reduce the risk of businesses who develops the products individually by means of METAPHYS consortium partner enterprises' participation.
What METAPHYS×TOTT express commonly is the beauty of not following the trend. More importantly, they considered materials highly and pursued for a design which avoids unnecessary parts and makes people keep having it.
The design contains "Something Inside" which is capable of feeling Japanese cultural background and its spirits.
* Please download the pamphlet of RVP & TOTT information in detail in the following page.

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The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

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