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生産システムシミュレーター「GD.findi」Simulation Integrated Manufacturing

What is GD.findi?

GD.findi is a revolutionary production simulator that innovates production process system planning and factory floor plan planning.


With conventional production simulators, each case of production process planning requires a specialist to undertake the time-consuming process of developing a simulation program tailored to that individual situation. On the other hand, GD.findi does not require programming to work. Simply by using our superior graphic user interface, onsite factory engineering staff can develop factory floor plans or production process plans on their own. Then they can immediately execute simulations. GD.findi has introduced such innovative engineering to the manufacturing field.
By employing GD.findi, users can virtually construct not only manufacturing facilities, but also distribution centers or service facilities such as medical care organizations. That allows them to craft appropriate productivity-enhancement policies. The results of such simulations facilitate visual confirmation of optimum layout, the order of production implementation, plant and equipment performance, inventory space, delivery routes and delivery methods, as well as team building among the work force.

These operations ensure fast and effective consensus building within teams. As a result, users can smoothly and without delay implement factory floor planning, equipment design, procurement, education and training of staff, as well as other steps needed to get production up and running.
Furthermore, not only can these results be confirmed visually, they are also recorded numerically. Therefore, they can be compared with draft designs using various types of KPI (key performance indicators). As this numerical data can be used for computing product costs, compiling estimates, etc., that also facilitates the establishment of appropriate prices.
What makes possible these outstanding results is the fact Lexer Research, the creator of GD.findi, has accumulated a wealth of engineering expertise over many years. GD.findi is a simulation technology guaranteed to deliver manufacturing and logistical knowledge and solution methods from management circles to the factory floor.

If you can not play Youtube, please downloadthis movie file.

Why do we say that GD.findi is such a trailblazing simulator?


imageAs those who have used them well know, conventional simulators can definitely be complicated and demanding. "This is a real pain to use!"

Conventional simulators make use of animation to produce results that are easy to understand visually. Although people tend to think that data input is also easy to handle, behind the scenes it can actually prove quite troublesome.

Why should that be so?

Actually, what happens behind the scenes with conventional simulators is that software programming has to be carried out separately for each factory. Moreover, since various assumptions naturally change, changes to the software program often become necessary.
Consequently, with this outdated approach, it takes a considerable amount of time even for a professional simulation programmer to accomplish the task.
The result is that they cannot be used effectively in engineering planning, and in many cases are used as nothing more than presentation tools. All too often, they end up not being utilized at all.

Programmer have to write specific control program.

imageConventional simulators are difficult to use.
Well then, what makes GD.findi truly revolutionary?

With GD.findi, a member of the engineering staff who is not a simulation programmer can perform the necessary operations.

Why should that be so?

GD.findi requires two types of data for simulations: the production process (the manufacturing sequence) and the floor plan (layout). For both, mouse operations are sufficient to accomplish all setup steps.
Moreover, since the data for the production process and the floor plan are established independently, the operator can verify the results of revisions through cut-and-try testing of various assumptions.Thus, hypothesis analysis and estimation work becomes much more efficient.

Only drag & drop from 'process' to 'station', input for simulation will done. image

Special Features

Simple operations

Since an easy-to-understand GUI (graphical user interface) is provided, factory engineering staff can carry out simulations after only a few hours of training.


With this service, a client is not dependent on its own IT environment. Since a company that is determined to do business globally can make use of GD.findi from anywhere in the world, it can perform simulations in timely manner and share information concerning simulation results globally. In other words, GD.findi makes possible production system designing without limitations of space or time.

Professional services

Our consultants, who are well versed in production systems and actual plant conditions, provide conscientious consulting services to our customers. From various angles they propose ways to put "production system simulations" to work, to ensure appropriate responses to management issues and on-site problems within the manufacturing sector.

GD.findi helps you to solve the problems in production system design.

Technicians who design the production system should efficiently conduct a great deal of verification while always having conflicting goals of "cost reduction" and "improvement of productivity."
GD.findi supports such technicians and enables to complete quick and efficient design.


Variation of Production System Expression

With GD.findi, it is possible to express various situations occurring at the production site.

ItemDetailed Explanation
Representation of item equipment capabilityRepresentation of differences in capabilities of each facilities
Representation of processing formRepresentation of single processing, batch processing, combination processing, and division processing
Representation of production formRepresentation of multi-product mixed flow production (difference in processing time per production)
Representation of shopExpression of flow-shop type and job-shop type
Representation of differencesRepresentation of a variety of differences (first-come-firstserved basis, order of priority etc.)
Representation of workers placementRepresentation of worker's assignment toward process and facilities
Representation of flowwork methodRepresentation of horizontal transportation and vertical transportation, as well as multi-unit handling and multi-process handling activities
Representation of variations in working timeRepresentation of random variations with given width
Representation of working hoursRepresentation of worker's working hours and overtime
Representation of holidaysRepresentation of workers and holidays of facilities
Representation of transfer methodRepresentation of transfer of one-piece and lot
Representation of transport routeRepresentation of transport route
Representation of mixed expressionDifferent variation of delivery and representation of milkrun (for example)
Representation of periodical transportRepresentation of regular flights (for example)
Representation of quantitative transportControl of conveyance according to the quantity of inventory, representation of pull-type conveyance
Representation of maintenance workRepresentation of exchange work and replacement of tools
Representation of input planRepresentation of material input-order and input-timing

What can do with GD.findi

You can do the following thing with GD.findi.

image Here is a list of the utilization method of GD.findi (process about from operation to solution) against va rious problems at the production site. You can check a direct effect of GD.findi from here.

Information set in GD.findi ~ Input of GD.findi ~

In GD.findi, it is unnecessary to prepare for special data for simulation. It is sufficient that engineers who design the production system prepare for the parameters decided in the design work. In other words, the result of normal design work is the input data of GD.findi.


・Product information (BOM)
・Number of facilities
・Location information of equipment
・Processing capacity of equipment
・Buffered amount of facilities
・Order of processing
・Number of workers
・Working hours
・Number of tools
・Timing of tool change
・Exchange time
・Transport route
・Transport volume
・Transport method

Information obtained from GD.findi ~ Output of GD.findi ~

By moving the virtual factory (model), you are able to get the "observed" data (simulation result). An example of simulation results obtained from GD.findi is shown as below.


・Operating time
・Number of finished products by type
・Tool / Total number of tools
・Worker's working hours
・Facility's operating hours
・Facility's set-up time
・Work waiting time
・Work ejection waiting time
・Inventory volume by product
・Inventory volume by process
・Availability of conveyance vehicle
・Distance of car traveling
・Distance of worker's movement
・Average residence time
・Product lead time
・Average pitch time

Production system analysis by GD.findi

"Material Flow Chart" which is giving an awareness of problems

The material flow chart is an overlapped of progress graph, Gantt chart, and cycle diagram, and it is also a very effective tool for the analysis of production system. We recognize the production system as "item to be flowed" (station) and "flowing items" (materials) and by overlaying the behavior of both items (subject and object), it enables to support the understanding of the production system.



Simulation model editing function

Floor plan editing function

The floor plan editing function makes possible simple and intuitive operations for floor planning, such as factory layout of production lines, plant and equipment capacity, flow of materials, etc. You can layer reference floor plans over the imported CAD factory layout plan image. Therefore, you can pinpoint the positions of materials flow pathways or equipment within an actual plant.

Process design editing function

It defines production processes with the use of MBOM, and edits manufacturing sequences and process specifications.

Production activities editing function

It defines as activities diverse dynamic factors that impact various kinds of performance, including productivity for work teams, transportation, tooling, etc. It defines such activities in terms of the relationships of floor plans to production processes.

Production plan editing function

It becomes possible to define production schedules for production simulations.


Simulation results output function

Numerical data outputThe user can represent simulated machine work, material flow and work team behavior through animation and output simulation results in the Microsoft Excel format.

Evaluation / Analysis functionStandard functions include "radar chart" display of production system efficiency and operating rates, as well as representations of material flow of inventory. In addition, you can also set up your own specially designed KPI.


Service for introduction

Training service

A:Basic operation course

This course is half day basic traning.

The goal is learning the basic operation by using a easy sample model.

It is advisable that users related to GD.findi attend.

(If you want to learn GD.findi on-site, please contact us.)

B:Applied operation course

This course is half day applied training.

You can learn the applied operation and solve the problem in factory by using a professional model.

(Example: Increase operation availability, Manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities, Minimum inventory, Introduce automatic equipment, Cost calculation)

It is advisable for users aiming to be GD.findi modeler.

(If you want to learn GD.findi on-site, please contact us.)


A:Create the original model

There is the service for the opinion "It is difficalt to create model. I could use the initial model."

Support members will create the intial model by hearing your business and using your information.

It takes up one week to one month.

B:Support modeling

If you are too busy to upgrade own model, we support your modeling.

We visit you to consult and resolve the business over one month.

GD.findi:Service Announcement and Application Procedure

You can use GD.findi with our follow-up even it is free plan. We respond well until you have you try GD.findi. Let's try GD.findi right now!!
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The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

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