Since its founding in 1993, Lexer Research has been committed to providing products and services designed to help business activities and human society evolve in a positive direction. This is in line with its unique viewpoint of "support for human creative activities" through research on "knowledge-producing mechanisms."

To date, the company has been winning customers for its products and services in the following areas:

  • Support for intuitive and comprehensive understanding through use of virtual technologies
  • Support for phenomenal forecasting/hypothesis verification through use of simulation and sensing technologies
  • Support for dialogue creation through use of intuitive interface technologies
  • Support for cooperative activities through use of sharing-type network collaboration technologies

Information and communications technology (ICT) has great potential to cause a social revolution, as the steam engine did in the Industrial Revolution. However, to date it has not progressed beyond the level of such things as data storage and data exchanges, or computational processing. Nevertheless, ICT is the core technology for the "knowledge-producing mechanisms."
Our company believes we are at the dawn of an age in which ICT will bring about a true revolution in business activities and human society. To that end, we need technologies which will provide overwhelming power to boost human capacities through the expansion of vision (D/dimension), the proper evaluation of diversity (D/dynamism) and the acceleration of decision making (D/design).
Lexer Research is offering products and services developed with such technologies not only to the increasingly globalizing manufacturing sector, but also to other fields, such as the distribution, logistics, medical services and general services industries.




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The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

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