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Innovative Production System Consulting

In the past, production simulators required software programming experts to develop separate responses on a case-by-case basis. However, the GD.findi defies conventional wisdom by using a non-programming simulation model, so factory department staff can employ it on site.
With the GD.findi, factories, logistics centers or medical services facilities can quickly develop virtual structures, and work out measures for enhancing productivity.
These simulation results visualize optimum layouts, order implementation priorities, facilities performance, inventory space, transport routes and conveyance modes. That makes consensus building easy, and permits immediate initiation of facilities design, procurement, education/training and other preparatory activities.
Furthermore, the results can include numerical values as well as visual verification, making possible comparisons of design plans utilizing various kinds of KPI. In addition, because these numerical values can also be used for calculation of product costs and to work up estimates, they facilitate the setting of accurate prices.


GD.findi(Cloud Services, Installation Consulting)

Lexer Research's Innovative Production System consulting service proposes solutions to issues encountered when customers seek innovation in production systems. In our consulting work, we employ a production systems simulator (GD.findi), virtual processes plans, and a production line simulator (GP4).
The on-site experience of our professional consultants and the quantitative data provided by the GD.findi and GP4 equip us to propose solutions acceptable to both management and actual workplace participants.

GP4 (Installation Consulting)

GP4 is a virtual process planning and production line simulator which lets you "see" the actual face of production, allowing for multidimensional inspection of process planning for assembly operations. This in turn facilitates production line design, investigation of possible improvements and common understanding and consensus building among production staff. Moreover, it contributes to operational innovations in production preparations.



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The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

The 4th Monozukuri Nippon(japan) Grand Award and Minister of Economy. Trade and Industry Award

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